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That's what I call a kiss
I think a firework just exploded
Or maybe it was an earthquake
I swear the ground is shaking
But perhaps it's just my knees
I swear I've just changed altitude
All of a sudden the air seems thinner
And I'm breathing harder and harder
That's only because my heart is beating faster
Are there butterflies in my stomach?
I think they're trying to escape
They keep battering around inside me and I feel ill
But only because I know what I'm about to do
Are we closer together?
Did someone push us?
I can't explain why I'm here
But I'm not going to move further away
Is that music playing?
I swear I can hear something
Is there a band playing a love song?
Or maybe that's just the thoughts in my head
Our lips touch
And I know there's been an earthquake
And we're flying high above the ground
And there are a thousand butterflies in my stomach
And a thousand magnets couldn't pull us apart
And there's an orchestra playing a song just for us
And I pray this will never end
Now that's what I call a kiss.
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I breathe in the smell of morning. My eyelashes flutter, reluctant to open and acknowledge that I am awake, I am here. The bed is warm, and comfortable, in its way. It seems to wrap me up, folding and bending to accommodate my every need. I never want to leave the safety of this bed. Once again I breathe in deeply. And it is then that I realise. I'm not alone.
This is why the bed is so comfortable. This is why I never want to leave. I roll over to look at you. You're so peaceful, as calm and confident in sleep, as you are when you're awake. Your presence makes me smile.
I twist so my body is pressed against yours. Instinctively our legs intertwine. Your arm unconsciously drapes itself around my shoulders, just as my head unconsciously finds the right place on your shoulder. You whisper to me "Good morning, gorgeous." I whisper back, "Good morning." And we close our eyes, again off to the sweet land of slumber.
And it is in this bed, in your arms, in this moment, that I feel safe.
:iconkait-y-lin:kait-y-lin 0 6
I sit staring at the screen. I can't move. I feel nauseous there is a growing pit in my stomach. I start breathing in short, shallow gasps, as I read over what has just appeared on the computer screen before me.
"I think we should break up."
I blink; once; twice. Neither time are the words erased. The pit in my stomach now feels like a cavern. This seems to me like pure imagination how could it possibly be real? I can't understand it; my mind is refusing to process it. I know I should say something but what? I reach for the keyboard, trying to muster up the courage to type something. As my fingers hover above the keys I notice my hands are trembling and so is my bottom lip. I can't think of what to write. I can't think at all!
What do you say to someone who doesn't love you anymore? What do you say when you know nothing; no declaration of love, no never-ending promise, will change their mind?
Before I know it, tears start pouring their way down my cheeks, making shimmering trac
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Trapped in Her Eyes by kait-y-lin Trapped in Her Eyes :iconkait-y-lin:kait-y-lin 1 11
I slouch on the lounge, unmoving, but for my fingers lethargically pressing buttons on my remote control. The light from the television I am inattentively watching is casting a grey light over my body, removing any characteristic colouring of my skin. I reach for my half-empty glass that sits on the floor beside me, hoping the liquid it contains will somehow wash the sickly sweet taste of boredom from my mouth. As I gulp down the ghastly black fluid I wonder why I poured myself the 'diet' version of the softdrink the half-assed, no-taste version. Still drinking, I start flicking again through the channels on T.V., hoping that something will appear on the screen to inspire some sort of emotion from me. Nothing grabs my attention, and I pause to look upon a channel filled with static. For some reason I feel as if I'm looking in a mirror. I swallow once more and put down the empty glass. The taste in my mouth is no different. It tastes, like the rest of me feels bland. No colour, no e
:iconkait-y-lin:kait-y-lin 1 5
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kaitlin bell
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Hey to anyone who may bother to pass by the page. Took my fancy to take a look at the old stomping ground today and after many failed attempts at trying to remember what my password was, I've finally managed to log back in. I'm not sure why, but I miss this a little. Not enough, unfortunately, to jump back into the deep end with countless shots of me feeling depressed. You'll have to wait till i have time to feel depressed to get those ones! At the moment I don't have enough time to breathe let alone make time for art, so I'll log back in in another month or two and check out what you're all up to. Cya round!


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Hello, i was just stopping by to tell you, I think your artwork rocks ^^

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